Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!

STOP! Even Though You’re In The Middle of Your Life Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Transform It!

“I’m Going To Personally Show You How To Make Midlife Transitions That’ll Transform Your Life Into Something TRULY Amazing!”

TransformationsNo Matter If You Struggle With Personal Challenges (or Disabilities) Right Now In Your Life Such as Career, Health or Even Other Challenges, I’m Going To Show You How To Create The RIGHT Life For You!

Introducing The Breakthrough Midlife Transitional Guide…

Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!

“Throughout this book you will wonder if Marcia is an anointed angel with a sprinkle of omniscient powers guiding us through life’s ups and downs. This book took me back twenty years ago when Marcia, unknowingly at the time, became my Mentor and Friend. Marcia figuratively grabs you by the hand, whispering in your ear “confidence,” “faith” and “life changes.” Just remember Marcia will do the A B C; it’s up to you to complete D through Z”
~ YBG, Sex Crimes Legal Advocate II, coaching client

Marcia Merrill


From: Marcia Merrill | Career/Life Transitions Coach
Subject: How To Transform Your Midlife…into the RIGHT Life!

“Do You Feel ‘Stuck’ In Your Own Midlife With Career,

Health/Disability Issues,
Or Other Challenges That You Just Can’t Seem To Break Free Of?”

 I’m here to tell you right now that although you may feel the best part of your life is now over, it’s not. And no matter what challenges you face in the mid-part of your life, you STILL can create a truly enjoyable and powerful way of life for yourself, your career &/or business!.

It’s NEVER too late to make amazing changes in your life. The trick is having the courage to change, and knowing HOW to change!pay

“My name is Marcia Merrill and I’m a Career & Life Transitions Coach, also known as The Transitions Chick!™ I have over 25 years in the Career and Life Transitions fields along with 10 of those years in my own business…”

Needless to say, I’ve seen people of all types and disabilities, and all struggles and more not only create true midlife “’miracles” within their own quality of lives, but I’ve also seen them transform into new lives that they simply LOVE!

When you hit the mid-point of your life, you begin to wonder if the way you are living is the BEST way you could be living.

You might be thinking of a career change, or maybe you face health struggles with certain disabilities or challenges/limitations.

There can be a number of challenges you face at the mid-point in your life, but no matter how big the challenges, there’s always a way to not only vastly improve your situation… but also your entire life.

“I’m here today to personally help you make the
RIGHT transition for the RIGHT LIFE…for you!”

You see, during my 25 years of helping people just like yourself make the much-needed transition in their own life, I’ve learned a lot about the process. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work.

Many of the transitions that people struggle with the MOST are in their own careers…

No matter if they run their own business as an entrepreneur or if they simply feel like they want to make a change….they may feel like it’s too late, but it’s not!

I’ve put ALL my 25 years of experience, tips, advice and
more into ONE simple and powerful guide I’ve called:

Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life!

Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life! book cover

 If You’re Ready To Make The Real Transition In Your Life and Career,
Then This Powerful Guide Will Walk You Through The
Complete “Transition Cycle System” The Steps To Real Success!

“Marcia is not only a great author, she is a business connection! Her expertise makes her an effective guide…Marcia was my Career Adviser while at college. I didn’t know how to conduct a job search or what my skills even were! Marcia was able to point me in creative directions. Now, I am successful, happy and fulfilled and, thanks to Marcia,..I absolutely LOVE what I do. Marcia was able to instill in me a sense of pride and empowerment. This helped me to She has a memory for details and follows through in whatever way she can. She is a fun and funny coach and gifted author, too. She’ll go the extra mile. Anything Marcia does is full of a passion for others’ growth and success. She treats you with respect and opens your mind to new ideas. Marcia is a wonderful, well-read woman whose wisdom is shown by her many ideas! I got my start with Marcia and so should you!”
~ JD, Entrepreneur, National Dance Council of America Board, and former coaching client

 “The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften.
The world loves us when we choose to love the world.”
– Marianne Williamson –

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“Here’s A Little Sneak Peek Inside Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life and What You’ll Discover and Learn Along The Way….”


  • Find out the WIDE VARIETY of midlife transitions that you may be experiencing. I’ll reveal many of the most typical transitions that you may be facing. You’re not alone!
  • Discover THE TRANSITION CYCLE and how it works. Know where you are in the cycle and what you need to do next for the most success!
  • Learn what’s THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL you can use when you first encounter change in your life. You have it within you right now, but you may not be using it!
  • Cocoons aren’t just for Mother Nature. Learn how to use the powerful action step of personal COCOONING to help you “reset” your life, and get back on track!
  • Find out the best ways to implement SELF-CARE into your life, to help you nourish your mind and body, so you can finally feel real joy again!
  • Discover the single most important tool for SUPPORT STRUCTURE you can create for yourself to help you not only stay on track, but give you a better chance for successful transitioning!
  • Thinking about a NEW CAREER CHANGE? I’ll show you how to find out if it’s time for you to move on…or if there’s still something salvageable within your current career! I’ll give you a quick 6 question Career Transition Questionnaire that can help you!
  • Take action with this powerful exercise to help you determine what’s your definition of MEANINGFUL & ENJOYABLE You might be shocked at what you discover!
  • Discover what your IDEAL CAREER is based on your own values and interests. I’ll show you how to break them all down in a simple worksheet!

Discover ALL The Information Above Plus More In This Amazing Guide That’ll Help You Make Important Transitions In Your Own Life…

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“You Have A Choice To Make During This Critical Stage In Your Life…” 

 You can either continue down the same path with the same results, or continue to feel stuck and wonder if maybe there’s a better way for you to live. Maybe a better and more fulfilling career? Business? But as you know, simply THINKING will not get you anywhere.

Right now is your opportunity to learn the  easy steps to not only help you make the BEST transitions in your own life and career, but also to help you determine what will give you the most satisfaction and happiness along the way.

The choice is yours…

 “Are you ready to make the RIGHT transition for more happiness and fulfillment?”

Turning Midlife into the RIGHT Life! book cover
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 “Yes Marcia! I’m Ready To Make The RIGHT Transitions In My Life!”

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You have nothing to risk and everything to gain!

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